Looking at cells, fast.

Thermo Fisher


A simple tool for helping cancer scientists look at the complexity in cells.

The Flow Cytometry Panel Builder dramatically accelerates the process of selecting antibodies, from 30 days to 15 minutes. This multi-step wizard simplifies inputs to focus attention, progressively-discloses information to make decision-making easier, and subtly prevents users from making errors that currently plague the process. It also happens to be the most elegant tool in this space.


The problem was people made it complicated.

Cancer research is hard, mostly because cells are really complicated. To understand how cells work, scientists try to look at how the different parts of a cell working together can lead to cancer. The prevailing method to study this is called Flow Cytometry, where scientists attach differently-colored antibodies to each part of the cell they want to study, shine different lasers at the cell, then look at the reflected colors. 

However, figuring out the right combination of antibodies, by color, where they attach in the cell, and manufacturers they trust is all really complicated, particularly when scientists can be looking at up to 30 different things at a time. Scientists can often take up to 30 days just to figure out one combination – which may or not work.

Thermo Fisher also wanted to be seen more as a leader in digital science, while selling more antibodies.