Finding the right antibody.

Thermo Fisher


Serving the scientific community with considered design.

Our work on Thermo Fisher’s Antibody experience had two uses. One, Thermo Fisher wanted a beacon experience, illustrating how their entire experience could evolve while more effectively helping cancer scientists to purchase antibodies. We took a step back and saw what was missing was careful consideration of how scientist’s make decisions throughout their journey.

Experience Strategy

Focusing on what scientists need at each moment.

After talking to several scientists and subject-matter experts, we were able to create a synthesized journey of what a scientists entire experimental process was. Using framework, we then zoomed in to the key stages of purchase, knowing that we could build out the experience to better address broader needs of the experiment. The resulting journey, Find→Decide→Buy and scientist’s particular considerations at each point, shaped what each step of the experience needed to accomplish.

Landing Page

Getting to the point.

Using our framework, we re-oriented the page around it’s key purpose, to start finding antibodies. Then, we removed as much as possible in order to bring attention to finding antibodies, as well as better focusing on related links. In short, we dramatically cut down on content, while preserving SEO strength.


Sifting for the perfect match.

Scientists need fairly nuanced tools in order to find the exact antibody they need, as well as help in deciding which is the most appropriate options for them. To do so, we reprioritized filters to better match their mental model, reorganized the page to give more space for comparing results, emphasized different information to make deciding between options easier, and added a quick look at a product. All of these changes makes an a experience that better caters to both experts and novices alike.

Product Pages

Trust through transparency.

The key for building trust with scientists is showing all of the information we have. However, showing everything quickly overwhelms. To help, we brought clean, structured approach that could scale to over 22,000 antibody products. In particular, we brought more attention to trust-driving sources of information, like pictures, data tables, and published reviews. Next, we wanted to make this page a better landing page as it was a SEO entry-point. Lastly, this page serves many uses after purchase, so we added features like auto-citations, easy to access data sheets and more.


Uplifting and enriching everyone.

The new changes helped propel the Antibodies division to be the leading center of growth at Thermo Fisher. Within 3 months of launching, the group’s revenue raised 30%, netting close to $30 million more in profit. The director of the division won an Innovation award. Also, the new beacon approach is now being extended across their entire business. Scientists seem to dig it too.

More work

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