Making car buying human again.



An easy, friendly, and considered car buying experience.

Today, car sites are like text books, stuffed with confusing acronyms, endless figures, and generic stock photos. We redesigned the Kia website to be what it should be — quickly get you to a car, focusing on the story, show the details in a way people can understand, and make it easy to get in touch. All the while, we added a few intelligent tweaks and pointed to a future where car buying is as easy as ordering take out. We used weekly interactive prototypes and rapid remote user research to create a unique experience.

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Making Kia friendly and straightforward.

The challenge of car site navigation is data shows 95% of people visiting just want to see what cars are available. Our other visitors are mostly trying to look up a car on a lot. Working with the data, we relocated extraneous links, then brought the emphasis back to being helpful. Not only did this simplify the navigation, but also provided opportunities such as re-orienting shopping tools to become a human-friendly guide to buying a car.

Car Detail Page

Talking about the car like a friend would.

After visiting a Kia Dealer, we were inspired to introduce the car like they did — slowly walking around, noting what your life would be like with such-and-such feature. Using this easy-going design principle, we created a page structure around a few user-research-based themes, then filling each theme with a couple of points. This allowed a page feeling lighter and friendlier than any other car site out there, one that gives the attention that each incredible feature deserves, but still feeling varied and encompassing.

Design System

Creating scalable and flexible systems.

We created a design system and accompanying site to ensure our experience could be developed accurately, but also so that other teams could design any other kind of page they desired. We pushed our designs to be as flexible as possible, but adding enough constraints so that they would ensure a cohesive and elevated experience. In this sense, content and design guidelines can be as important as the designs themselves.

More Work

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