Making the beautiful usable.



An experience that feels as good as it looks.

We fine-tuned FX’s broken mobile and tablet experiences to work smoothly by heavily working in interactive motion prototypes. FX was also looking to how their app could expand into more movies, so we re-worked their movie templates to better scale with richer content. In our final user testing, we even had one person shed a tear because he felt we respected his favorite show as much as he did.

Homepage motion studies

Prototyping from the start.

FX had previously done some fantastic design work, however it was created before prototyping tools had come out. That meant in delivery, the homepage scroll felt “sloppy” and “finicky” in usability testing. So in redesign, we used interactive prototyping with Principle right from the start, with the motto, “Never Static”. We switched from a free-scroll interaction model to paginated, tried dozens of motion studies, and landed on an elegant solution.

Movie Detail Pages

Scaling big and small.

Sensing that online streaming services were going to be important in FX’s future, they asked us to redo their movies template to flex for minimal and maximum content. We iterated on content emphasis, interaction models, and usability tweaks to make an experience that could grow with their ambitions.

More work

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