Bringing Doodling to Everyone

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I have too much to say

I just posted this! I really wanted to share the pictures though. Real quick, I wanted to hone my Experience Design skills by creating a new experience! So I worked with my friend Maggie Peterson and DrinkNDoodle to create a better Drink and Draw experience – something that would make novice drawers begin to feel more comfortable with drawing!

The Drunken Bee Drawing Club.

I'll write more about this project's design process soon.

Below, you can see a list of drawing games we developed! Our next step is creating a website/toolkit thing for all of these games, a bunch more we made, as well as loads of tips on creating your own awesome drink and draw.

Why? Because no one should be scared of doodling! 


First list of drink & Draw Games

Galaxy Quest => Draw your imaginary galaxy (5min)

Don’t Stop => Don’t pick up your pen as you draw a portrait (3/5min)

Pen-Is-Dancng => Listen to music and have your pen dance to the music (1 song)

Cloud Portraits => Pick a cloud and draw what character/object it looks like (5 min)

Blind Portraits => Draw a portrait without looking at your paper (3min)

Exquisit Corpse => Draw 1/3 of a body, then pass the paper to the left (1min/part)

Letter Monsters => Pick a letter and turn it into a character (5min)

Apple Basket => Draw a representation of an apple. Next person has to draw something different (20 sec/part)

Catch a Shadow => Draw the shadows in the room (5min)

Reminiscence => Hear a childhood story and try to draw it (5min)

Useless Stuff => Collaboratively invent a need and have everyone invent a product that helps (5min)

Movie Strips => Draw the plot of a movie in three panels, then see if people get it (5min)

Animal Adoption Agency => Draw an animal, pass, draw another animal, pass, draw the child of the two animals, pass draw another animal, pass, draw the grandchild. (1min/part)

Wrong Hand => Draw something with your wrong hand (2min)

Reverse-It Calligraphy => Write your name flipped, in cursive, then push/pull the letters into new shapes (5min)

Asperger Feelings => Draw a circle. Call out an emotion and have everyone draw that emotion in a circle. Repeat. (45 sec/part)

Sound It Out => Draw how a name sounds. No letters allowed! (2min)

Pictionary => In small groups, draw movies and have your team try to guess. The winning team has the most movies (10 min)

Fast Gestures => Have someone make poses, each for 30sec. everyone draws the movement of the body. (4min total)

Amazing Train => Draw a train car, pass. (1min/part)

Dead Mans Meal => Hear a neighbors preferred last meal, draw it. (3min)

Drunken Bees => Everyone draws 3 drunken bees (3min)