Hello again!

Allow me to tell you a bit more about me. 

In three years, I would like to be help cities become more delightful and responsive places for people. I also want to explore our relationship with automation and future environmental conditions. 

Be sure to check out my current research into build trust between humans and automated experiences.

My dream teams are those that are loud, optimistic, boisterous, and hungry to make the human condition a bit better. Note that I am mildly allergic to sour candy.

Available for full-time or freelance projects all over the world.

Normally based in LA / NYC. Prefers standing desks.

Below are a bunch of big questions I've been thinking about recently. Perhaps you are to? Want to ask why with me? Then let's chat!

Facing growing anxiety, how can we inspire trust in our services and culture?
How can Robots and Unions better collaborate?
How do we better enable co-creation between designers and users?
How can we train children today to be space pilots tomorrow?
As expectations evolve, what behaviors will always remain magical?
How can technology help improve the social lives of our society’s eldery?