A Music Video that Never Ends

AJR Music Video for Warner Music  |  UX, Writing, Directing




After making many interactive videos, we realized that all of these videos could somehow fit together somehow. A video that never has to end. There's two major components to make this work. First, what kinds of experiences could be made that could be awesome that last for 30 seconds or for 3 hours. Secondly, but more importantly, discovering what kind of experiences people want to get lost in. 



Luckily, there's a lot of other people trying to do video with musicians. From days of desk research, I made created a rough taxonomy into the different ways fans interact with musicians. Except for music videos, which we were already pretty decent at. These revealed how people are currently interacting with musicians, but are largely stale formats. There is where innovation can be found.

Opportunities in Music Videos: 

Lyric Videos, Interviews, Trivia, & Games

With these formats, I created value propositions for some (308) interactive versions and tested them with music fans. After some rounds of street prototype testing, we had a set of subjects that were desirable, viable, and scalable. More importantly, they had to be truly interactive. Which led me to the following:

How might we create music video content that is scalable, familiar, and can only be done in an interactive way?



The formats: Day in the Life, Dating Simulator, Q&A about their Phones, Bar Quiz style Trivia, & Simon Says Game


From here, we created prototypes of each format. We needed to understand their interactive narrative structure, how to properly shoot video for magical seamlessness, and the actual programatic functionality. 



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There was loads of amazing insights, learnings, and new ground broken.

CeeLo Green later applied the same experiences and interactions in his interactive music video, Robin Williams. Check it out below! 


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